Expressive Arts

Dr. Thema is an experienced dancer, poet, and playwright, who believes strongly in the healing power of the arts. She also is a gifted teacher of artists of all ages and skill levels. Dr. Thema has taught the sacred arts in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, California, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Washington, DC as well as in the Caribbean and West Africa. Dr. Thema is a spoken word artist that has won numerous slam competitions and who has coached nationally recognized spoken word artists. Her specialty is the use of the expressive arts to maximize therapeutic impact that can be transformative emotionally and spiritually.

The following services are available for schools, religious conferences, and community centers:

  • Dance presentations (primarily Liturgical (Christian) Ministry, Modern Dance, and African Dance)
  • Poetry presentations (ranging from a single poem to a one-hour poetry feature presentation or poetry workshop)
  • Plays (previously authored plays as well as commissioned plays on a particular theme)
  • Workshops – ranging from one hour to a full day retreat on tapping into your creative spirit through dance, poetry, and/or creative writing
  • Choreographer for solo and group dances

Dr. Thema is available to bring artistic expression to your organization and additionally she can connect you with inspiring artists in your area.