With the eloquence of a poet and the insight of an astute psychologist, Dr. Bryant-Davis offers inspiration and hope to all trauma survivors. Judith Herman, Harvard Medical Center, Harvard University

Thank you for participating in the Elijah Cummings Youth Program 2009 Teen Summit. I know that this experience will have a tremendous impact on these young people’s lives. Thanks again for helping to send a powerful message to our youth. Elijah C. Cummings, Member of Congress

In Thriving in the Wake of Trauma: A Multicultural Guide, Thema Bryant-Davis writes about trauma with the clarity of a clinician and with the passion of one who has survived it. Joanne Luna, Graduate School of Education, California State University, Long Beach

Thema Bryant-Davis has provided practitioners in the field and survivors of trauma with a significant resource. She sheds new light on the previously poorly illuminated road to trauma recovery for survivors who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups, and she describes clinical interventions that incorporate art, music, movement, and poetry. Thriving in the Wake of Trauma will enrich practice, teaching, and the recovery process.  Laura Palmer, Department of Psychology, Seton Hall University

I feel in awe of this truly amazing and original artist. Don’t expect to listen… and then go about living your life without your full voice begging to be let out. She leaves you aching to live life more fully, and provides you with the energy and hope to get up and do just that. She has wisdom that allows her to clearly see the truth and the bravery to actually SPEAK IT.   A customer on amazon.com

The kids were excited about their keynote speaker, Thema Bryant-Davis, and repeatedly used the words “inspiring and uplifting” to describe how her speech made the whole room full of students feel, regardless of race. Response to Diversity Keynote Address

Ms. Bryant weaves themes of spirituality, struggle, and survival through the loom of African-American musical expressions of Jazz, Gospel and Hip-Hop. Divamari; Boston, MA

I met Dr. Bryant when she did a workshop for the dance ministry at my church in Ft. Washington. Her spirit was beautiful. (Her poetry) is the affirmation of our possibility.  Kesha Boyce Williams; Cleveland, OH

Wow! … comes right at you with “nothin’ but net” truth. I have been blessed to hear it and I hope you will too. Rasheed, Boston, MA

Sky (Dr. Bryant-Davis’ cd) is a genius work! It is true artistry. “Sky” is shattering former schools of thought, and replacing them with new ones. Every school needs to invest. Every public library should inquire. Universities everywhere should book, Thema Bryant Davis, she is no ordinary scholar. She is a prophet rising with a word for the nations.” Minister Kris World. Milwaukee, WI